Promises of a lifetime of unity at Thornblade Country Club

Victoria and Shane's wedding day in Greenville, South Carolina was short but sweet for me.  Where I'm usually at a wedding for up to 10 hours, I only had about two hours this time to make something special.  Greeting us at the Thornblade Club in Greer was quite a hefty does of humidity.  Everyone was hot...and sweaty...and happy.  Victoria and Shane really had the appearance of best friends in love.  While nervousness peaked it's head out a few times, it quickly retreated as Shane and Victoria saw each other for the first time, both smiling from ear to ear.  This was also my first time working alongside Chelsey Ashford Photography, and they were such a pleasure to work with.  Thornblade was gorgeous as usual.  So much beauty filled the day and I'm so excited that I got to help capture just a little bit of it.

Jason Ayers